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We are a boutique private equity firm that specializes in partnering with technology companies under $100M in valuation, building category-defining businesses with entrepreneurs!
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We Add Integrity and Value

We pursue technology, product, and service opportunities in innovative, emerging, and growing markets, supported by a team of experts comprised of active investors who leverage their deep industry experience and networks to maximize returns.
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Welcome to Tawny Capital

Who We Are

Tawny Capital is driven by a team of seasoned professionals with investments in many companies. Our exclusive focus on the Communications and Technology sector allows us to draw on our expertise and work collaboratively with experienced executives to generate new ventures. Building strong connections with skilled entrepreneurs across multiple portfolio companies and funds has been a fortunate aspect of our journey. We strive to embody the thriving culture fostered by our portfolio leaders, which emphasizes integrity, openness, and drive.

What Makes us Different

In collaboration with our entrepreneurial management teams, we create an investment thesis and execution plan for the gradual investment of equity capital as the business grows. This approach applies to new businesses in Enterprise Technology, Digital Infrastructure, or Mobility industries. Our goal is to align incentives among stakeholders, carefully evaluate risk, and fund companies based on their success. We are confident that this distinct strategy will enable our portfolio companies to achieve strong and sustained investment returns while minimizing capital loss.

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Tawny Capital models its strategy by working with entrepreneurs multiple times across different portfolio companies and investment funds.